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Oracle Temple

Here you will find information for the mobile iOS and Android game Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire (FFXVANE).

Note: More info coming soon!

The Oracle Temple, released in December 2017, requires an unlock purchased via Packs to use. It allows you to collect special Oracle materials (artifacts and crystals) along with Oracle Dust from monsters and events to unlock permanent boosts.

Most permanent boosts are available to purchase from Packs, but there are a few that are currently only available through the Oracle Temple.

Some permanent boosts also require your Oracle Temple to be leveled up by purchasing Oracle Temple Blueprints. So far it only goes up to Level 2 which requires an additional 200 Oracle Temple Blueprints.

Permanent Boosts



Lifetime City Defense Health 150%Requirements
Description: Increase your City Defense HP by 150%
Available from Packs: No
Oracle TempleLvl 1
Bloodstone Artifact501
Lifestone Artifact835
Oracle Dust670,000
Quartz Crystals10,000
Sunstone Artifact334
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