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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions for the mobile iOS and Android game Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire (FFXVANE).

  • Are there any special Chat Rooms in the game?
  • Yes! Try joining the following rooms. There's even a Discord server.
    • Multirealm Chat - The FFXV multirealm chat
    • The Oracle - Q&A room
    • Theory Craft - Long term discussions game related focusing on game theory and strategy
    • Oracle Hub Discord - RZwn5JN or https://discord.gg/jS3vRk
  • Where can I find a list of permanent boosts so I know which ones to prioritize and look out for?
  • The Oracle Temple wiki page has a list. Check it out here.
  • My Hero was captured and the Banishment timer has run out, but nothing has happened and I don't have my hero yet. What's going on?
  • The timer indicates how long you have to try and put together a rescue of your Hero before he/she can be banished. Once it runs out, your captor has a few hours to Banish your Hero. If they don't during that time, your Hero will escape on it's own without being banished.
  • I was just attacked by another empire and they lost more Power than me, but I still lost the battle and am on fire. What's going on?
  • What determines whether you win or lose is not Power, but the number of Troops Lost. This is especially important if you are holding a Hero captive. Even if you lost less power, any Heroes you have captured and are in your prison will escape if you lost more troops. This is why some players make sure to dismiss (or slaughter on other empires!) their low-level troops since they die first and they greatly increase the number of troops lost even if you have a bunch of high-level troops.
  • What does NAP stand for in guild descriptions?
  • It stands for Non-Aggression Pact. An agreement where two guilds promise not to engage in military action against each other. Not likely to be as long-term or permanent as an alliance.
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