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Noctis Lucis Caelum

Here you will find information on the original one and only crowned prince, Noctis Lucis Caelum, for the mobile iOS and Android game Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire (FFXVANE).

Noctis is the default Hero in the game that all players receive right away. He is more of an all-purpose Hero and has the best boosts for gathering, production and fighting monsters. You will also want to have Noctis as your active Hero when starting any Building or Research projects since he has skills that reduce construction and research time. Noctis does not have the attack specialization that Prompto has nor the defense specialization that Luna has.

Interestingly, Noctis is the only Hero that has skills that boost March Size and Rally Size. Not even Prompto has skills that increase those numbers. That said, they aren't available until your Hero is levels 50 and 70 respectively and require a lot of AP (124 AP & 108 AP). Once you acquire the first level of March Size, when you are sending out marches to gather or sending RSS by trading, it's more efficient to have Noctis active since the first level adds a 5,000 March Size boost (additional levels are even more expensive and only 1,000 March Size boosts so aren't quite as nice).

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