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Much more information coming soon. If you can't find information on the type of pack you want below, check out these sample packs to see if you are getting the best deal!

Top and Sample Packs Albums

Many packs upgrade with your Citadel level and usually the best packs appear during holidays. If one is coming up and you can wait, do it!

Royal & Exalted Building Blueprints Packs

First of all, make sure you get the 50% off of Royal Blueprints pack. That will more than pay for itself.

While you get some Royal Building Blueprints in most packs, it's usually only around 150 of them. This is the pack you want if you just want blueprints. It typically appears in your late Citadel 30s and disappears when you hit Cit 40. The Royal Building Blueprints chests in this pack are the key. For example, in the pack below with 65 chests, in addition to high-level resources, such as Obsidian, you usually get an extra 900-1800 Royal Building Blueprints. And that's in addition to the 435 that the pack advertises and you end up totaling around 1,500 blueprints a pack. Sometimes even over 2,000.

Packs before Cit 40:

If you want to be able to do fast upgrades after you hit Citadel 40, we HIGHLY recommend that you pick up enough Royal Building Blueprints to upgrade all your Main buildings and at least one of each RSS & Secondary Buildings to lvl 40 before you get to Citadel 40. Once you get to Citadel 40, those packs will be replaced with Exalted Building Blueprints packs. Most of these packs will also contain Royal Building Blueprints, but no more than 430-435 range and you will not have any Royal Building Blueprints Chests!

If you did this, not all is lost, it will just be harder for you. You will have to wait for a special sale or a flash sale. Sometimes (see image further down), it's an even better deal than the recommended packs. You might just have to wait a week or two before it pops up. If you don't wait, you will have to spend a LOT of money to get the number of prints you need.

Packs at Cit 40: If you're lucky, you will even get one with Ether as a perk (often appears along with Proving Grounds events).

Royal & Exalted Research Scrolls & Tomes Packs

These fall into the same area as the Building Blueprints. Read above for the specifics. The interesting difference is that you don't usually get them from the normal Gold Store. Click on your University from Empire view and click the advertisement in there. Again, try to get what you need of Royal Research Scrolls before you hit Citadel 40. Otherwise the Research Chests turn to Exalted.

Prompto EXP and Prompto Hero Medals Packs

For Prompto experience, you really don't want packs smaller than 600 million experience total. You have to do the math and look at multiple lines sometimes too. Below is a pack that has x60 10m EXP items.

VIP Packs

There are two packs to look out for when you want VIP. They appear at different times and possibly are linked to your Citadel and current VIP levels. The first gives you a whopping 24 million VIP points. If you see the one with 12 million, just wait for the 24 as they come around at the same time. Later on, you might even see the pack below that has 36 million VIP points! Wooo! Even with the scaling, that should get you to at least VIP 18. Check out our VIP points page that has a table of how many points to get to each level.

Tip: If you can wait until a holiday, some have seen a 48 million VIP pack. 8-O

Hero Gear Material Packs

Getting materials for crafting rare Hero Gear isn't always easy from Gifts and Monsters. The Proving Grounds helps, but Elixer is also pretty expensive and you have to hit the boss dozens of times to get some of the rarer materials. Try these packs, depending on what you are going for.

Grim Reaper, Aranea, Undertaker

These keep changing. it started out with packs that have 1,000 chests > then 2,000 > then 3,000 chest packs appeared. Now we have 5,000 chests in a single pack! Look for these!

Chief Inquisitor Research Gear

I haven't seen many of these packs yet, but try finding the 3,000 one.

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